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You Can't Fix Yesterday

Most of my mornings now include driving my daughter, to EVIT - the East Valley Institute of Technology near Phoenix - where she is enrolled in their Pastry Arts Culinary Baking Program. We usually listen to The Highway on SiriusXM along the way. It is a joy to listen to her sing along with her favorite artists. And sometimes, lyrics inspire talking about life lessons. Such was the case this morning.

Megan likes Kenny Chesney's "Happy Does", and she sings it with gusto. It is a catchy tune that can easily get you smiling each time the chorus starts, "Happy is, as happy does...." Yet, there is one line that always gets me thinking about my own choices, and what impact they have had on my life. Kenny delivers these words of wisdom when suggesting happiness, "...sure ain't in the looking back at the things you never did."

How many of us go from happy to melancholy just thinking about regrets from the past? I should have never said that. I wish I hadn't done that. If I'd only known Google was going to take off like that.

Max Lucado likes to say, "There is a reason the rear-view mirror is smaller than your windshield. It's because your future is more important than your past." That big, expansive piece of glass in front of you is full of hope, promise and opportunity. Stay focused on what lies ahead rather than remaining emotionally anchored to the broken hearts and dreams in your wake.

You can't fix yesterday. But, you can learn from it. The challenge is to learn the lesson(s), then pick yourself up and move confidently toward the goal ahead of you. That's what I left Megan with as she marched off toward the Culinary Arts Building. It's a lesson I hope she always remembers, especially in the tough times.

Now, who says you can't strike up a meaningful conversation with your daughter about a life lesson by simply tuning into the #StormeWarren show...? I love #TheHighway on SiriusXM.

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