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To Gloat or Not to Gloat

There are times when it can be extremely difficult not to smile smugly at the downfall of one who has caused you pain. In fact, you might even be filled with a malignant form of pleasure when he/she experiences the same loss. In such moments, it is best to do what my dad used to tell me, "Take the high road". But, that is not always easy.

While it can be tempting to celebrate when a former boss, lover, or associate takes a personal or professional tumble, is rejoicing in their fall from favor the best use of your time? Or, is it best to simply let go of your past hurts and move on? I know - that's easier said than done.

I must admit, than when a former boss recently took a professional tumble, it was tempting to throw a party and invite a long list of people he had left in his wake. However, the following quote came to mind, "Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice...." There are many reasons for this, but I will reference only three here:

  1. Gloating sows seeds of negativity in your life.

  2. Gloating makes you look like a bitter drama-queen that everyone wants to avoid.

  3. Gloating blurs your focus and delays your pursuit of personal and professional growth.

There are other reasons not to gloat, but these will suffice. Yet, if you aren't going to spend time gloating, what should be doing with that most valuable resource?

Nietzsche said if your life has a WHY, you can bear almost any how. This is just another way of saying find your purpose - let go of past baggage holding you down - and find the focus and drive to do one thing today - take one positive step today - that moves you forward.

Gloating only leaves you stuck in the mire of pettiness. Yet, PURPOSE stokes the fires of greatness. Its time to rise from the swamp and discover your WHY!! Find your why, and the how will take care of itself.

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