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A Face for Radio

As a voice artist, I spend much time behind a microphone. Some of my "buddies" like to say I've got a face for radio. Yep, that's the kind of friends I have. They have been around for decades now and are the faithful few who are still there to count on whenever needed. They are the true friends, even if they do think I'm a bit homely.

Friendship has been on my mind a bit this week. My wife, daughter and I are relocating (just across town). Our friends responded, as I knew they would. We have an 87 year old widow helping my wife pack the kitchen today. A couple of families were here over the past weekend to help move a bunch of items into our storage unit. Then, several others will be here on Sunday to help with the larger furniture items. As the old saying goes, "Many hands make light work".

In moments like this, I give great thanks for all the friends who have touched my life over the years. There are the work mates who remain in touch - no matter how far apart we are. There are college friends who still pick up the phone, text, and share snort worthy posts on my FB page. And, then there are the friends who have always been as close as family - closer in some cases.

Take some time this spring to reach out to those special friends. Thank them for all they mean to you. Do something nice for them. Share something funny on their social media pages. Give them a little piece of your time to let them know you love them and are thankful for them - even if they have faces for radio.

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