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About Shane Does VO

Hey there. Thanks for dropping by. My name is Shane Browning and I am a professional voice talent. However, I am so much more than just a guy behind a microphone.



I am happily married to the love of my life, Michelle (30 years now). She is my best friend and business partner. She is a cancer survivor and one of the strongest women I've ever known. We are a couple of foodies who love ballroom dancing in the kitchen.


One of our greatest joys is parenting a precocious 16-yr. old (almost 17-yr. old) daughter. Megan is a Junior in high school, as well as a student at EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) in Mesa, AZ. She is studying commercial baking and dreams of owning her own bakery/cafe. Check out her "Geode Cake" in the photos below.

My parents raised me to be a sports enthusiast. Competitive sports taught me a great deal about coaching, leadership and teamwork. These lessons shaped who I am today.


As a native Texan, I am a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan. I also love the game of golf - watching and playing. Individual and teams sports appeal to me. I've run marathons, competed in triathlons, and participated in cross country long distance bicycling. Yet, in recent years, it's been more about camping, fishing and hiking with the family...and the dog (Siberian Husky/Australian Shepherd Mix). 

Another of my passions is travel. That all started as a boy taking family road trips across America. Through college, I developed a love for foreign lands. International excursions are such a mind expanding opportunity to  experience other cultures from their social customs, to tasting their cuisine, to learning to dance to their music and listening to their stories. Travel has broadened my horizons and left me with a sincere appreciation of peoples all around the world.


Another of my hobbies is photography. While looking through the lens, I've been moved by the tears of a father walking his daughter down the isle, the sunset reflecting off the red rocks of Sedona, the smiles of my wife and daughter at the Arches in UT, and by the raw power of a grey whale breaching off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. Photos capture moments and provide us with the means of reliving them over time.


My formal education includes degrees in Theology and Mass Communication. Professional interests led to certifications in culinary arts, coaching methodologies, "Selling with Integrity", as well as DiSC profiles. My career has been built on the 3-C's of creativity, collaboration, and communication.


With over ten-years experience delivering high quality educational and corporate voiceover products, I can produce both short-form and long-form narratives. My voiceover business is focused on e-learning, corporate narration, and audiobook production.


Early in my career, I worked in radio for stations such as KBAC and KIXA FM. That is where I developed a love for audio recording and production. Over the years, I've been able to voice a wide range of product explainer videos and e-learning projects, as well as radio and television commercials and branding/imaging products for companies such as Alside Building Materials, American Suzuki, Cal-Am Resorts, The Gates Corporation, Gentek, Norandex, Outback Steakhouse, Pomona Fairplex, Revere Building Products, Time to Teach, Window World, and Wynn Hotels.


I've produced three audiobooks (fourth in process) for And, I just completed another e-learning project covering project management for Gates.

Working from a professional home studio, my work is typically recorded with a large diaphragm condenser microphone and is produced with Adobe Audition. I am available for live directed sessions on request.

​​My voice is a rich, North American baritone, with a great upper range. Customers have said my voice has a warm quality to it and is easy on the ears. Whether I am conversationally speaking or delivering an executive presentation, I have the training and experience to bring your script to life.


Request a quote for your next project and allow me to "give voice to your vision".

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