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Jumping to Conclusions

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? You know the feeling. Its the middle of the night and your inconsiderate child is making so much noise that you have been raised from a deep sleep. Your buttons have been pushed and you are about to explode, and for good reason mind you. Doesn't she know what time it is?

That was me early this morning, 2:25 to be exact. I'd been awake since a little after 2:00 trying to block out the intense dialogue, the explosions, and the music. I don't believe this! She's got school today. Her Nana arrives tomorrow. There's preparations to be made. And I have a full day of editing to complete on an audiobook. Why is she up? And, why isn't she using bluetooth?

The longer I laid there, the angrier I got.

Finally, at 2:27, I grabbed my phone - turned on the flashlight app - and headed downstairs to confront my thoughtless 16 year old. Peering over the banister, I didn't see her...must be in the half bath, or getting a snack in the kitchen. Nope, the bathroom is empty. The kitchen light is out and no sound coming from there. And in the living room? There on the screen is Captain Jean-Luc Picard barking orders in the midst of a battle with the Romulans.

I called her name - in a normal level, but agitated voice. No answer.

Then, in a brief moment of sanity, it hit me. My daughter was in bed, sound asleep, where she should be at 2:30 am. It was our rambunctious dog who had bumped a table. The computer resting there had come to life. And the episode of Star Trek Next Generation that my wife had been watching picked up where it had left off.

It felt imparative that I apologize to my kid for jumping to a conclusion that was inaccurate and could have escalated into one of those parent/child standoffs that can ruin a day. Yes, we both laughed. And yes, I felt stupid for fabricating such assumptions while rising from slumber.

The question here is this, "Have you ever jumped to a wrong conclusion?"

This can be easy to do. He looked at me wrong. She did that intentionally. They cut me off on purpose. ALL Democrats are this way. ALL Republicans are that way. They always.... They never.... Its because of their privilege. Its because they have been oppressed.

In times such as these, it could be wise to put down the brushes that we paint others with. Rather than assuming the worst, maybe its time we look for the best. Instead of concluding that every person holding a different view than my own is the enemy, might it not be wise to follow Covey's advice and seek 1st to understand before attempting to be understood.

The lesson for today is, "DON'T JUMP!!"

That's all for now. Its time to start editing that audiobook and get the house ready for Nana's arrival tomorrow.

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