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Let Your Light Shine

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

2020 was a bit of a challenging year. OK, that's an understatement. We faced overarching issues related to a global pandemic, potential international financial collapse, and the most turbulent times in the USA since the Civil War. Then, we had to stare down those problems on a deeply personal level. We dealt with separation, isolation, and the agonizing thought that this may truly be the new normal. So yeah, it was a bit challenging.

January 1st, 2021, a new year began. Covid-19 did not disappear with the outgoing political administration. The inauguration of a new President and Vice President did not suddenly establish peace in our streets. And, the mounting national and personal debt crisis in this country did not vanish with the promise of an increased stimulus package. It seems like nothing has truly changed.

So, will 2021 be any different for you personally? And if so, how will it be different?

One way you can ensure 2021 is #yourbestyearever, is to become a beacon of light in an ever-darkening world. Below are three kEys to letting your light shine.

1) Quietly ENGAGE your inner light.

Lights never make noise, unless they are defective. Stop the wrangling over useless words that create strife...within yourself and with others. This does not mean one should cease standing up for what is right. However, it does mean leave the incendiary methods of communication out of both the public and self-discourse. Stop complaining. Like my dad use to say, half the people who hear you don't really care - and the other half are glad you're suffering. Don't give them the satisfaction. Stand firm in the face of opposition, dig deeper with great resolve to be better, work harder, and reach higher than you ever have before. Let them see you shine. Who knows, your small beacon of light may just light the path for your family, your friends, your work mates, your community, and beyond.

2) ESTABLISH an attitude of gratitude.

Start your day, every day, by writing down five things you are most thankful for. This could include your marriage, your children, the breath you breath, personal challenges that are making you stronger, losing that dead end job that has now set you free to pursue your passion, the weather, the stars, your health, your friends, your extended family.... You get the idea.

When you begin the day with the mindset of being thankful, your mind is programmed for positivity. You will begin to let go of burdens that have been weighing you down. And, you will find yourself smiling more, laughing more, and radiating light to those all around you.

3) EXPRESS forgiveness towards others.

This is a hard one. When you have been betrayed, put down, held back and oppressed, it is so easy to allow bitterness to take root in your heart and mind. That bitter root can lead to all manner of mental, emotional and physical stress. This breeds the seeds of negativity and generates the darkness of heart that leads to the dimming of your own light. Yet, when you look upon those who have hurt you and truly forgive them, it is like unlocking the door to the prison you have kept yourself chained within. Being set free from this self-imposed darkness is akin to removing the covering of the light you were born to share.

Now, as we close out the first month of the year 2021, ask yourself who you can forgive, ask what are you truly thankful for, and #letyourlightshine brightly.

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