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Choose Your Sphere

What do you think when someone approaches you - does not make eye contact - then says "how ya doin?" and keeps walking right past you without waiting for an answer? Probably the same thing I do. That person does NOT care about me or my response. The question was being carelessly used as a greeting - sort of like waving at a stranger passing by on the street.

I feel the same way about advice from those I refer to as "Negative Nellies". You know the kind - people telling you to give up on your dream and "get a real job" - the hater crabs wanting to pull you back into their bucket - the one they have imagined for you. The crazy thing is the crab mentality does not always present itself from your competition or other nefarious types. Sometimes, the crabs are in your social sphere: your workmates, your neighbors, your drinking buds, maybe even some within your own family, your church or your closest social networks.

The strange thing is - rather than encouraging you to be at your best and to pursue your dreams, they are focused on themselves. Why? Because, your dreams make them feel uncomfortable.

So, here's my advice (take it for what its worth). If you're ready to launch a business, to build on the passion that is swelling within you, to move boldly in the direction of your dreams, DO NOT allow the crabs in your social sphere to CANCEL you.

Unfortunately, there will always be crabs. These are the ones filled with doubt, fear, and regret. They are the voices sowing seeds of negativity - what if you fail - what will others think - or my favorite, I tried that once and it didn't work....

More often than not, these crab voices come from experience, but not the kind you want. They speak with the wisdom of the dreamer who settled - the adventurer who remained in safe harbors - and the wanna-be-entrepreneur afraid to take a risk.

Please understand, I am NOT suggesting you quit your day-job and haphazardly run off half-cocked to pursue a fantasy. Rather, keep the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), but build a side-hustle. Keep working, but also - keep fueling your passion. Educate yourself, seek a mentor or two, join a network of pros who have gone before you, and stoke the embers glowing within you. Then, take a risk and simply put one foot in front of the other in the direction of your dreams.

If you find yourself listening to the naysayers telling you to give up on those dreams - to get of the stage - to go back to your corner - because - no one believes in you - no one will follow you - you don't have the credibility - you don't have the money - you don't have the experience - it's too soon - it's too late - you can't, you won't, you don't....

My friend, it's time you found a new social sphere, one that is built by eagles rather than crabs.

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